Climă Stationară - Răcire portabilă

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- Pornirea se face cu ajutorul regulatorului de temperatură din interior

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"1" This air conditioner is a single-cooled vehicle air conditioner. Welcome to cooperate with wholesale points, dealers, fleets, maintenance points, and so on.
"2" has good cooling effect and easy installation! Guided installation throughout, 1 year warranty.
"3" supports parking + driving. The original car's 24v DC battery will be used for 3-6 hours for parking above 150a, and 200a for 4-7 hours. Depending on the level and capacity of your battery, determine the use time. Good quality will be longer! Shorter during the day and longer at night.
"4" 2800w cooling capacity is equivalent to 1.2 horsepower of home air conditioners, the effect is not bad! Test environment: Cab temperature is 29.5 degrees, air outlet temperature is about 3-15 degrees!
"5" 7 major features: 1. Laminated condenser, faster cooling 2. Environmentally friendly and more powerful appearance 3. Full copper evaporator, more powerful refrigeration. 4. Park and rest, turn off and cool down 5. Low noise, no need to add fuel and water, multiple intelligent protection. 6, no idle fuel consumption, no engine wear, no carbon dioxide emissions. 7. Power saving (power consumption voltage 600w-800w, rated current 40A)
"6" This air conditioner is a horizontal split type. The external unit is installed at an appropriate position outside the driver's room, and the wall-mounted unit is installed at a satisfactory position in the driver's room. We have technical telephone guidance!
"7" air conditioner has a low-voltage protection cut-off function. If the battery power is lower than the car's starting voltage 21.5V, it will automatically stop, without affecting the car's start! No power loss! You can use the air conditioner normally 3-5 minutes after starting the car again.
"8" is suitable for vehicle models: RVs, electric vehicles, construction vehicles, cable cars, trucks, excavators, etc.
"9" does not include installation, installation is very simple, just plug in the battery power! We provide free technical phone guidance!

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